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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Introduction of Pook

Hello and welcome. My name is Lauren Fitch a.k.a. Pook, PookStar, LaLa, Twin, Sparkz and several other random nicknames I have accumulated over the last 25 years. I would like to begin by saying I am starting this blog because I am tired of the weird blank looks my friends and family give me when I start talking about makeup. You know the one... eyes glaze over, mouth hangs slightly open, a bit of drool collects at the corner of the lips. Exactly! It's difficult to share my love and enthusiasm with these people! So I said to myself , "Self, we have to do something about this. Our adoration for makeup must be shown and celebrated in some creative way!", hence this blog. I figure it will mostly be a makeup diary for me, however, if I can help someone by buying makeup (which I will do anyway), snapping some pics, and writing a review, then I am happy to do so. I am not a makeup artist and certainly do not claim to be, I simply love makeup and would like to share my purchases and comments with others. I am completely open to comments, brownies, questions, pizza, feedback, Starbucks, followers, etc. so please feel free to share with me your thoughts and such. :) I am actually working on my first review now (it's for Maybelline 24 hour Color Tattoo eyeshadow), hopefully I will have it up in the next couple of days.

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