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Friday, April 6, 2012

Face of the Day (FOTD)

 Soooooo I really enjoyed this Face of the Day. Not only did it make me feel like Super Pook but my bff commented on it which really made my day. It was made up of my favorite color and my favorite brands. Favorite color being purple and favorite brands being Urban Decay and MakeupGeek.

Urban Decay Delinquent Shadow Pencil on outer corner, MakeupGeek Twilight on lid, MakeupGeek Shimma Shimma as a highlight under the browbone and in the inner eye corner, and Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara with Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner

This picture was taken at an angle where you can see the difference between the two purples.

ooooo these are some new earrings I picked up from Target. Only $5.99, super light, and nickel-free. I have a nickel allergy and can only wear nickel-free, sterling silver, or gold jewelry. Target is a great place to pick up cute, cheap, nickel-free earrings. I love their selection even more than I love Cato. Sorry Cato but your quality has been lacking a bit lately. I still love you but I really hope you start raising the bar on your merchandise.

This pic you can get a glimpse of the blush I have on which is Mellow Mauve from E.L.F. I love E.L.F blushes! They are pigmented, cheap, and last all day. I have also been using Skin 79 BB Cream Hot Pink everyday. I am going to do a review on it one day. It is an amazing product. It works as a primer, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and blemish balm all in one product. More on this product on another post.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Naked 2 Palette

Here it is finally! Pook's review of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I would like to start off by saying that the Naked Palette is my go-to palette for when I want something tried and true, I don't have the creativity to come up with a new look, or I am rushed for time. It is my "security blanket", my "favorite-pair-of-jeans-that-are-just-about-to-fall-apart". That being said, the Naked 2 Palette is a great addition to the original. To me, the colors in the palette are cooler than the original and texture does not feel AS creamy but the colors are still extremely long-wearing especially when paired with Urban Decay Primer Potion and very pigmented.
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
When it comes to the overall packaging of the palette I much prefer the Naked 2 to the original. The outer packaging is a hard plastic that I find to be much easier to maintain than the velvety packaging of the original Naked Palette. When you open the lid there is a mirror on the top portion and the shadows in the bottom. The palette also came with a dual ended brush (one end is a large fluffy brush good for blending and the other is a flat shader brush used for patting on color to the eyelid). There are little catches in the palette that snap closed when you close the palette, something else that the original does not have. All in all, the packaging of this palette makes it much more convenient to travel with or even simply to store. 
left to right: Foxy, Half-Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, and Blackout
Half-Baked is the one shadow that is in both palettes. Chopper is in other Urban Decay Palettes but the rest of the shadows are new to me. My favorites from this palette are YDK (shimmery bronze) and Tease (matte taupe). Both are eyeshadows that Urban Decay now sells as singles so it is nice to know that when I hit pan I won't have to buy the entire palette over again. 
The Naked 2 Palette is a great buy at $50 for 12 eyeshadows. You can buy it from, Sephora, or Ulta. I recommend this palette to anybody who loves makeup and especially for women who work in offices. The eyeshadows can be used for dramatic and every day work looks. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nails of the Day

Ack! I realize I have not posted in over a month (Bad Pook! /smacks) and decided I just had to post my nails today. Forgive my pictures, I am not sure if the glitter was causing everything to go haywire, if its my camera or just its operator, perhaps a bit of all? Anywhos, I used a brand new nail polish I just bought from CVS, it is Pet My Peacock from the Spoiled collection from Wet N'Wild over Revlon Top Speed nail color in Metallic. I paid $5 for the Revlon and $1.99 for the WnW. Craziness, right?! You cannot beat $1.99 for such great quality nail polish, WnW is one of my fave drugstore brands.
Okey-dokey, so on the left is Wet n'Wild Pet My Peacock. Gorgeous, isn't it? This picture does not do it justice. It has a clear base with silver, teal, and blue hexagonal glitter. On the right is Revlon's Metallic which is a beautiful silver metal polish.

I really enjoy putting different nail color/texture combinations together. This manicure turned out to be very fun and different. I only used one coat of the Revlon and 2 coats of the Wet n'Wild with a clear topcoat over everything. It's always good to use a topcoat, especially when dealing with large chunks of glitter, it helps keep the glitter in place.